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The Bontel products have the certificate of compliance and sanitary and epidemiological inspection report
All products are filled with the liquid Bontel fire-extinguishing agent
The Bontel products are ecologically friendly and highly efficient

fire extinguishing system bontel


The unique organic liquid capable of quench a fire in any phase was synthesized for the first time in 1956 by Japanese chemistry scientists.

Using the experience of the Japanese scientists and achievements of the up-to-date science the BONTEL multicorporate enterprise has developed a high efficiency fire-extinguishing substance and a range of fire-extinguishing products under the BONTEL Trademark derived from the substance.

All BONTEL products are certified and authorized for use.

The unique organic liquid-based BONTEL products are often utilized for solving most critical problems: safety assurance of data processing centers, service and societal objects and high-precision equipment.


The combined fire-fighting method principles:

  • oxygen displacement from the fire seat volume;
  • surface cooling;
  • formation of surface film preventing a burnback;

BONTEL products advantages:

  • ecological safety;
  • autonomy and nonvolatility;
  • installation and operation simplicity;
  • minimization of secondary damage to equipment;
  • no false operation;
  • long service life;
  • reliability due to high-quality completing parts;
  • failure-free operation guaranteed by insurers.

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